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BloodMoon.com was created for those walking the Pagan path. This is a site for withcraft related riligions and belifes, No one is judged here. I ask that there is no judgement by viewers of this site. If your mind is closed, do not bother to browse these pages, Nor do I tolerate dabblers. Feel free to educate yourself as far as my pages and links may offer.

What you can find at BloodMoon.com

Though there is nothing much SO FAR, eventually I plan to have spells, astrology, dream interpretation, rituals, pagan holidays (this includes everything from basic wicca to necronomicon) and SO MUCH more I cannot even begin to name all the things I plan to put here!

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And many other witchcraft related religions.

About The Webmaster

My Name is Nyssa, I've been practicing various witchcraft-related religions for 6 years now. I used to be Catholic, and know a good bit about most other religions. I respect all people for what they belive in, and I hope you can accept me for what my belifes are. I'm a very open minded person, and will personally help anyone who wishes to learn, study, and work with the many forms of the craft that this plain offeres. I am 18 years old, young, but wise I assure you. I built this site to educate, and help my fellow occultists. In a personal note, I do not belong to any CERTAIN religion (i.e. Wicca) I simply call myself a grey witch, on who practices dark and light magic, wicca, vampirism, and things I make up on my own. Most of my belifes do come from Wicca, I just tend to twist the rules a bit. As I always say: "The only good witch is the witch that follows their heart!" Blessed be too all, I hope you have enjoyed BloodMoon.com!